“MY HERITAGE” Quiz Contest for Children and Adults

“MY HERITAGE” Quiz Contest for Children and Adults

REGISTER ONLINE using the "BUY TICKETS/RSVP" link or from our MySamaj App to participate in this event.

Participation Fees: Free for BSCFL members, Non-members: $10 per person of any age.

Entrance Fees for parents/supporters: No fees.

The “My Heritage” Quiz will test your depth of knowledge in the subjects listed below, related to Bharatiya Sanskriti. Our objective is to keep the lamp of our Bhartiya heritage shining bright, and share the light with our children.

• Our Festivals
• Yoga
• Ayurveda, Health and Beauty
• Vedic Science and Dharma
• India Geography, Nature and Wildlife

Format: Three rounds of questions (General, Fastest Finger, and Tough Nut rounds).

To Form Your Team: Have all team members register online, and at the event site sit together. First come first serve (25 kids and 25 adults). Do not delay!

1) KIDS QUIZ ROUND: Up to Five Youth Teams, consisting of max 5 kids under 18.
2) ADULTS QUIZ ROUND: Up to Five Adult Teams, consisting of max 5 adults.

Practice and Prepare: If you want to know how more about the format of the questions, we encourage you to login to the MySamaj mobile app, login with your BSCFL credentials, and click on the QUIZ button. This will launch a few quizzes with sample questions and answers, that you can practice with. If you are not a member of BSCFL, we encourage you to register and become a member, and participate in our samaj activities and events.

• 12:00 noon - Opening Ceremony
• 12:15 pm - Welcome and Player Introduction
• 12:30 pm - Children’s Quiz
• 2:00 pm - Adult’s Quiz
• 3:30 pm - Award Ceremony

Volunteer - Join our team: Volunteers are welcome to join us if you can commit your dedicated time and energy on the day of the event. Please send an email to malay@rimagesolutions.net.

Sponsorship: There are many and varied sponsorship opportunities including general advertisement, sponsoring a team or the whole competition. All sponsorship must be done via the BSCFL Samaj website or by check; we reserve the right to politely refuse if we feel that the sponsor’s advertisement is not suitable to our heritage and mission, or if it is not appropriate for our children.

•  Tournament sponsorship: $2,000 (you must provide the banner with its stand or props).
•  Team sponsorship: $200 (you must provide the banner cloth for the team’s table)
•  Advertisement banner at event site: $150 (you must provide the banner with its stand or props).

1. Language: The quiz questions will be in English, and if needed, with explanations in Hindi or Gujarati.
2. Quiz Participation: Prior registration only.
3. Cheating: Anyone suspected by an official of cheating will be disqualified. You must not use any mobile device during a quiz competition.
4. Challenges: If at any time you think your answer should be accepted, then you must complete a challenge slip. These will be available at the front of the room. This MUST be done BEFORE the start of the next round. Every effort will be made to check alternative answers offered by a contestant challenging an answer through the correct channel, but ultimately the quiz master’s decision is final.
5. Late Arrival: If a player arrives after a competition has begun, they will not be allowed into the quiz room as it could disrupt other players. Organizers will find a suitable time for a late player to join the quiz that will not cause problems for other competitors. Please don’t be late.
6. Disruptive Behavior: Anyone deemed by an official to be purposely disrupting an event or causing upset/annoyance/distress to another player/organizer will be removed from the hall.
7. Team Swapping: It is not permitted to replace a team member after the first round of a quiz has started. If a team member is late, and they haven’t been replaced, the team will participate with a player short until the late comer is permitted entry to the quiz room. In very exceptional circumstances, such as sudden illness or accident, the quiz master might allow a player to be swapped, but this must be done with permission from quiz master and the opposing team where appropriate.
8. Participant Exclusion: The Organizers reserves the right to refuse entry to troublesome individuals, for example someone deemed to have been disruptive in the past or be bringing quiz into disrepute.
9. Scoring Team’s decision will be final. In case of a judgement tie or a score tie, the quiz master will break the tie.
10. Photography: We will be taking photos and videos of the event and will be publishing on our website and social media. If you have any reservation against this, please let us know in writing so we can instruct our media team accordingly. We encourage you to post your photos and videos on the social media as well, and help us in our mission to keep the lamp of our heritage shining bright.

Event Detail:
  • Saturday, 22 Oct 2022 01:00 AM To Saturday, 22 Oct 2022 05:00 PM
  • Anoopam Mission 4685 US-98 South, Lakeland, FL 33812 on (Saturday, October 22, 2022 Time: 12 noon – 4:00 pm)

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